Kids Bible Tent 2012 !!

Posted on Fri, Aug 3, 2012:

Be sure to keep your mornings free from Monday August 13th to Friday August 17th.

We invite you to attend KIDS BIBLE TENT 2012 !!

There will be singing, Bible stories with our friend Bryan Joyce, outdoor games and stuff for you to take home ! cheeky

It's all happening in the big tent in the Rexdale Gospel Hall parking lot.

It will be from 10am to 11:45am

Weather permitting, we will have games out in the park so make sure you dress appropriately for that.


Of course, Moms and Dads are invited to attend as well.

If you want to you can pre-register. This will help us to know how many will be attending. See the FREE KIDS TENT SIGNUP page. However if you don't want to pre-register, that's okay.


It's all free - We look forward to seeing you there !!



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