Young People's / Children's Meetings

Posted on Thu, Sep 29, 2011:

Be Sure To Attend !!!!

God Loves YOU - He sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to give His life for YOU !

The Lord Jesus Christ died on a cross - He was buried - He rose from the dead on the third day !

WHY ? - To defeat sin and death so that YOU can be SAVED from your sin and have ETERNAL LIFE !


Do you want to hear more about this ? 

We invite you to attend these Young People's / Children's Meetings 


WHEN ? - Monday October 3rd to Friday October 7th

 7pm to 8pm

WHERE ? - Rexdale Gospel Hall - 72 Bergamot Avenue

COST ? - NONE - It's all free !


Our Guest Speaker, Ken Russell will also be with us for Sunday School at Rexdale Gospel Hall on Sunday October 2nd at 11:10am. Why not come and join us for this as well.

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